After ‘snogging’ a woman who donated £63,000 to his charity fundraiser, Ricky Martin might now be reconsidering his spontaneous decision after seeing pictures of his paramour sharing the same passionate kisses with her dogs.

Ana Paola Diniz, who runs an exclusive holiday resort for pets, made out with the gay Puerto Rican pop star after donating £63,000 to his HIV/AIDS awareness fundraiser in Sao Paulo.

Now it has emerged that Ana’s passion for dogs easily matches her infatuation for Ricky.

She has her pets’ faces tattooed across her back, and regularly posts selfies French-kissing her beloved pooches for her 37,000 Instagram followers.

Ana’s love of dogs goes all the way back to childhood, when she first fell in love with Great Danes.

She then turned her hand to breeding Rhodesian ridge-backs as soon as she was old enough.

But that’s not all: she and her husband Pedro Bissi also run the exclusive Malabo pet resort on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, which charges owners up to £960 for their pet’s one-month stay.

The package includes an animal’s two daily massages, two baths, walks, transport in air-conditioned kennels and daily Skype sessions between pet and owner.

And people can keep up-to-date with exactly what she is up to across her social media profiles, which reveal the couple live a jet-setting lifestyle, attending glamorous events and travelling the world.

But her strange enjoyment of snogging the animals that come under her care doesn’t please everyone.

After posting one picture of herself swapping saliva with a whippet, one Instagram user commented that the photo was ‘surreal’.

Whether Ricky knew any of this when he embraced Ana – under the surprised gaze of her husband, according to local media reports – remains to be seen.

Although the Latin pop star turned up at the event with his new boyfriend, Syrian-born Jwan Yosef, who lives in London, the singer apparently held nothing back when he approached Ana’s table and propositioned her.

The couple embraced and shared a passionate kiss, after which Ana went back for more with another cheeky peck.

The videos of the kiss quickly went viral, and Ricky Martin became a trending topic on Twitter throughout Latin America following the event, leading many to say Ana got her money’s worth.

Although coming out six years ago, the Latin pop star admitted earlier this year that he would be open to sexual relations with a woman.

‘Men captivate me, but I like to enjoy sex with total liberty, which is why I’d would have sex with a woman if I felt that desire,’ he told Mexican magazine Fama!.

‘Although I would not consider having a sentimental relationship with her.’

Martin was involved in a 14-year relationship with Mexican TV star Rebecca de Alba, and later fathered twin boys through a surrogate mother.

But in March 2010 he announced his sexuality through his website, stating ‘I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. This kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed’.

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