FB Live: Mexico’s bottled water addiction makes for good business

MEXICO BOTTLES: Mexico is now the world’s largest consumer of bottled water, and while the country may be hydrated, that means a lot of plastic waste for the country to deal with. Alasdair Baverstock reports from a recycling plant in the capital city.


Watch Alasdair’s FB Live here on CGTN America’s page

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Alasdair Baverstock MA is an award-winning multimedia foreign correspondent based in Mexico City, with more than five years of experience covering Latin America. Originally from London, and with full NCTJ certification, he specialises in news and feature journalism for print, radio and television. His work has previously been used as set-texts in British A-Level examinations. He currently works as CGTN America's Mexico correspondent, and has formerly published work in TIME Magazine, Daily Mail, The Atlantic, Penthouse, Fox News, BBC, Daily Telegraph, TRT World, and others.


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