Friday, December 14, 2018
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Following graduating from Kingston University’s Masters journalism program with a distinction, Alasdair Baverstock began his career in Madrid.

Freelancing as a travel writer, and gaining attention and writing experience through his website blog, he was first published in The Independent.

He followed up his first commission with travel stories for NineMSN and The Guardian, before a job for Rough Guides on the 2013 ‘South America on a Budget’ sent him to Venezuela.

It was on this trip that Alasdair wrote his ‘Piranha Fishing in the Orinoco Delta’ story for The Telegraph, a piece which won him the AITO Young Travel Writer of the Year Award.

After travelling the whole of Venezuela, and seeking a move into news journalism, Alasdair returned to live in Venezuela as a freelance foreign correspondent in January 2013.

One month later, President Hugo Chavez was dead.

Alasdair’s first ever news story made the front page of The Independent, and he picked up strings working for The Scotsman and Daily Telegraph.

Alasdair spent a year in Caracas, during which he was also published in TIME Magazine, The Atlantic, BBC, the Globe & Mail and others.

Following a year in Caracas, Alasdair moved to Mexico City in March 2014.

He began working regularly for VICE News, and soon became the Mexico correspondent for the Daily Mail.

Today he works regularly as the Mexico correspondent for TRT World, covering the entire country and wider region.

Alasdair Baverstock MA is an award-winning multimedia foreign correspondent based in Mexico City, with more than five years of experience covering Latin America. Originally from London, and with full NCTJ certification, he specialises in news and feature journalism for print, radio and television. His work has previously been used as set-texts in British A-Level examinations. He currently works as CGTN America's Mexico correspondent, and has formerly published work in TIME Magazine, Daily Mail, The Atlantic, Penthouse, Fox News, BBC, Daily Telegraph, TRT World, and others.