Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Acapulco horse-drawn carriages animal abuse

Forced to drink sewage water, brutally beaten by their owners and never seeing a vet - these are the brutal conditions endured by the...

World Exclusive: Acapulco’s sexy police force

‘The residents of this town are a horny bunch’, says Acapulco’s police chief Manuel Flores, the creator of Mexico’s first all-female police force. ‘You wouldn’t...

Acapulco’s ‘James Bond’ murder

As holidaymakers sunned themselves on the golden sand of Acapulco beach, a man carrying a 9mm pistol swam up to the shore, shot a...


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TV/Video Industry Dictionary

As-Live: A pre-recorded report, conducted by the reporter and generally running to around 90 seconds, which has the appearance of a Live Hit. The...

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Live from Hurricane Willa