Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Horror of Mexico’s blood-filled lagoon

It is the stuff of nightmares: a lake is stained red with blood of slaughtered pigs which is attracting hundreds of man-eating crocodiles who...

Inside Mexico’s cruel donkey fair where mules are fed ALCOHOL

Donkeys are being beaten, brutally whipped around racecourses and forced to drink alcohol at a Mexican festival that claims to champion the helpless animals,...

Acapulco horse-drawn carriages animal abuse

Forced to drink sewage water, brutally beaten by their owners and never seeing a vet - these are the brutal conditions endured by the...

The cockfighter who will stop at nothing to win

Juan Carlos Padilla, a gamecock breeder in western Mexico, claims the fact that 70 per cent of his birds kill their opponents in the...


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Baja village goes from marine blackspot to ecotourism destination

In 1994, Cabo Pulmo, a fishing outpost in Mexico’s Baja California, was clearly a victim of its own success. Overfishing had left the town...

Board games for prison inmates