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FB Live: Cacao ceremonies in Mexico City

Watch the Facebook Live on CGTN America's page

Mexico’s countryside might hold country’s renewable energy future

Mexico is the seventh-largest producer of oil in the world but it’s committed to increasing the developing of alternative bio-fuels. Watch the original documentary on...

Chile en Nogada is a cultural icon

Chile en Nogada is a famous dish linked to the Mexico’s Independence Day that falls on September 16th. Watch the original video on CGTN America Watch...

Mobike remains in Mexico despite challenges

More than 500 bike units have been stolen. CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock reports. Watch the original story on CGTN America's website

12K FB Live: Mobike arrives in Mexico City

Watch the Facebook Live on CGTN America's Page

A year after a tragic earthquake, Mexico City residents still live...

Mexico was struck by its worst earthquake in thirty years last September. Hundreds lost their lives and thousands more were displaced from their homes....

FB Live: Earthquake reveals secret interior of ancient pyramid

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Mexican vegetarians turning to insects as healthy alternative

In Mexico, ancient food traditions are offering new alternatives for healthy eaters and vegetarians. But beware, it’s not a trend for the squeamish. CGTN’s...

Stem cells from teeth may reduce cost and controversy of treatment

Stem cells are the body’s building blocks; primitive cells capable of developing and multiplying into different biological tissues… the cornerstone of regenerative medical science. Still...

13K FB Live: Stem cells from teeth

Watch the Facebook Live on CGTN America's Page


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250K FB Live: Mexico’s Avocado Capital

Live: The power of Mexican avocados The ever-growing international demand has turned Western Mexico into a guacamole-lovers’ paradise. CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock reports live from the...

Live from Hurricane Willa


Board games for prison inmates