Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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63 indigenous people rescued from human trafficking gang

A police raid in southern Mexico has rescued dozens of people from a human trafficking gang. The captives were indigenous people native to a state...

Mexican sex slave tricked into prostitution by a ‘Prince Charming’

A young mother tricked into prostitution by her 'Prince Charming' boyfriend and kept as a sex worker for ten years has revealed how she...

Sex slave who was punished for trying to kill herself

During the very darkest moments of her ‘true hell’ as a sex slave, Alicia, a 20-year-old Mexican, was punished severely for attempting to take...

EXCLUSIVE: Zunduri, the woman forced into slavery

A woman who was kept as a slave and tortured by the owners of a Mexican dry cleaners has told of her two years...


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Baja village goes from marine blackspot to ecotourism destination

In 1994, Cabo Pulmo, a fishing outpost in Mexico’s Baja California, was clearly a victim of its own success. Overfishing had left the town...

Board games for prison inmates