Viral bodybuilder star gets strange requests from male fans


A model who has gained fame for her bulging thigh muscles has revealed how she receives constant requests to 'crush men's heads' between her legs.

Natascha Encinosa's thighs measure an impressive 26 inches in circumference – making them almost wider than the petite model's waistline, and garnering her a massive following on social media.

The 20-year-old's posts can get as many as 5,000 likes each, and a fair few odd comments and requests.

‘By far the most common fan request is for me to crush their heads between my thighs,' she told MailOnline in a telephone interview. ‘I don’t really understand why, but I guess it is pretty creepy.'

Natascha's eye-catching physique has not come easy. She has spent a minimum of two hours a day in the gym five days a week for over four years.

The former dancer first became interested in the gym at 14, when she suffered a broken heart.

‘I had always been overweight as a girl and I got dumped for being fat,' she said. ‘That was what inspired me to get into the gym.'

However, it is only recently that interest has really escalated - after fans noticed a similarity between Natascha and a 90s video game character.

Following a photo shoot last month which showed off Natascha’s impressive quad muscles, one Twitter user compared her physique to Chun-Li, a Street Fighter character renowned for her bulging thighs.

As a result, Natascha says her fan-base is now evenly split between ‘Street Fighter geeks and fitness freaks'.

‘By saying I was the real-life Chun-Li, the photo shoot went viral,' Natascha said. ‘I think it’s funny because I used to play Street Fighter as a kid and she was my favourite character.'

Since the photo shoot in a dress which exposed Natascha’s entire legs, the model has gained over 175,000 Instagram followers, and hundreds of fans who regularly write to both compliment and criticise her.

‘What a woman! She’s like a goddess,' enthused an Instagram user about a recent photo.

Another took quite a different view. ‘She looks like Mr Universe from the waist down,' they wrote.

‘I get a lot of abuse from people who think I look too masculine,' she told MailOnline, ‘People say that a woman should have thin legs.

‘But I don’t care. I think having big thighs is a good look for girls’.'

While the Chun-Li image wasn’t originally Natascha’s idea, she plans to make the most of her newfound source of fame. The second most repeated fan request is for her to do a photo shoot dressed up as the Street Fighter character.

‘It’s definitely in the works, the fans are extremely eager to see me in Cosplay,' she told MailOnline. ‘There’s no exact date set, but it will hopefully be soon.'

Despite reaching a monster 26 inches around the quadriceps and hamstrings, Natascha says she doesn’t train with large weights, preferring instead to tone muscle groups gently.

‘I shattered my kneecap through ballet dancing when I was younger, so I can’t push myself too hard in the gym,' she said.

‘I remember once putting too much weight on the squat machine and having to push my kneecap back into place.'

As well as modelling, Natascha works full-time as a social media coordinator for Auboom Media, a company which manages online branding for companies.

‘I manage a lot of Instagram accounts, and the largest one doesn’t even have a quarter of my own personal followers,' said Natascha, who currently counts 175,000 followers on her @nataschaencinosa profile.

As for the reason she has achieved such fame, she doesn't know where he is.

‘I don’t know what the boy who broke my heart is doing now,' she said. ‘But I certainly don’t credit him with inspiring the body I have today.

‘This physique is all thanks to my own hard work.'

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