The Latin American Barbie


Latin America's most operated on woman today reveals the full scale of her cosmetic surgery addiction.

Aleira Avendaño, who first went under the knife nine years ago, says her obsession is like a drug and she has been 'chasing the rush' of that first procedure ever since.

Aleira, 27, who had her first breast enlargement when she was 18 and has had no fewer than 25 operations since to completely transform her appearance, said: 'Everyone  stares in amazement at the change and you feel really sexy.

'Nine years later, I find myself going for increasingly extreme surgeries just to regain that feeling, but it's never as good.

'People have told me it's a similar phenomenon with addiction to narcotics,' she laughed, 'Chasing the first high.

'When you have your first operation it's like, "Wow!", but after a while, when you've changed your implants a few times, you feel like nothing has changed. So you go after more ex

In her most candid ever interview, Aleira, who now has size 38DD breasts, blasted Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj - but defended Kim Kardashian, calling her 'authentic' and 'natural'.

'What would I change about Kim?' she began, 'Nothing, because she’s authentic and she has a lot of money.

'Beyonce? I’d change her hair, I don’t like it... Nicki Minaj? Everything! I don’t like her at all. Totally crude and low-class. There’s nothing elegant about her. She's voluptuous, but her style is awful.

'Victoria Beckham? I’d change everything, because she’s not relevant any more. I like her style and I like her husband even more.

'But she’s not relevant. I’d change her body, because she has no boobs.'

Nicknamed the 'Latina Barbie', there is almost no part of Aleira's body that has not been altered by a cosmetic surgeon.

She said: 'I've had a thousand surgeries... Four boob jobs, six liposuctions, four rounds of buttock injections, three nose jobs, my lips done twice, all my teeth knocked out and replaced with false ones.

Moving systematically down her body, the 5ft 4in model, who weighs 62kg, points out her altered parts; her size 20 waist, size 46 hips, and her prized assets, her breasts, which were a B cup when she began.

'My chin, neck, hips, gastric bands around my stomach, I've even had ribs removed for a more pronounced hourglass figure,' she said, finishing the list by discussing the corset that has given her her incredible waist, around which she can nearly wrap her hands.

'The guitar shaped torso is the sexiest figure a woman can have, and I started to wear a corset 24-hours a day when I was 22.

'It was extremely painful at first, but now I'm very used to it. Today I only take it off to bathe and do naughtier things', she said, smiling cheekily at the camera.'

Plastic surgery is extremely common in Venezuela, where a popular 16th birthday present from a teenage girl's parents is a boob job.

'I was so ugly at 16 years old,' says Aleira, for whom the word 'ordinary' is a deadly insult. 'By 20, with six surgeries, I was looking good, but I'm at most most beautiful in this moment at 27.'

The Venezuelan's enormous breasts, tiny waist and gigantic bottom have garnered her an online following of more than 80,000 Instagram admirers who constantly write to her praising her looks.

Aleira's diet is equally extreme. The model carries a set of electronic scales wherever she goes, and painstakingly weighs out the 100g of protein and carbohydrates that make up her six daily meals.

Yet her extraordinary physique and resulting fame has come at a cost. Her extreme lifestyle has left her infertile and the various rounds of biopolymer buttock injections will eventually attack her nervous system.

'It's not something I would recommend anyone put their body through,' said Mexico City-based physician Lilia Hernandez. 'Alteration under the knife is traumatic for the body, and so much surgery in such a short period of time cannot be considered a good idea.'

Aleira says she is often criticised by people who describe her as 'ungodly' and an 'aberration', but the she enjoys the attention - both positive and negative - that her voluptuousness garners.

She confessed: 'When men have their wives or girlfriends beside them, they always shout at me about how ugly I am.

'But when they come back later alone they always want to take pictures with me and tell me how beautiful I am.

'If you walked down the street with me you might feel uncomfortable because of the negative attention... But I have a very strong character and I don't care what people think as long as I'm happy with myself.

'It's only the women who can't afford it that criticise me. Every woman should get plastic surgery in order to look better. It raises a woman's self esteem a great deal if she makes a change to her body and secondly, it always looks good.

'If you have firm breasts, no matter what you put on it's going to look good... So get surgery!'

'We live in a world where a person can make whatever changes they want to their body. I'm in pursuit of perfection, and I come closer with every operation.

Aleira says it is this same strong personality that has enabled her to push her body to the limits, with four boob jobs that have resulted in her enormous breasts.

'I want to be sexy and totally strange, in every sense of the word,' she told MailOnline.

'Aleira is like a fine European sports car,' says her boyfriend Julian Quintero, a Mexican lawyer who first caught the model's attention after rescuing her from troublesome Mexican immigration authorities when she first arrived in the country.

'Every part of her has been carefully thought through until she has reached a state of perfection.'

Julian and Aleira have been together for three years, and he has finally convinced her to leave her home country and live with him in Mexico.

Despite her career and extraordinary body suggesting the opposite, Aleira describes herself as a feminist, although it's not something she advertises openly.

'Feminism is a bit of a dirty word around here [Mexico]', she admits.

'A woman's role in a relationship is to look beautiful, and be impeccable, to ensure no other woman comes along and steals her man,' she states. 'A bit of cleaning is fine, as long as you don't chip a nail'.

The model says she is a great admirer of Dita von Teese, the American burlesque performer and ex-wife of Marilyn Manson.

'I'm a very elegant woman, with great style', she says. 'I can't stand women who are vulgar about their physiques'.

Now promoting a career as a pop star in North America, the former Playboy model says it is her elegance and dedication that will be her recipe for success.

Aleira will be touring her act, a repertoire of one song titled 'Andas Por Allí', around the cockfighting rings of Mexico, where her performance will follow bloodsport tournaments attended by narcos and drunken Mexican men.

She said: 'All my life I have made money through my body. I'm not sure what my next surgery will be. I'm waiting to see what takes my fancy.

'But now is my moment because just imagine what I'll look like in 20 years. 50-years-old with this tiny waist and these massive boobs? I'll look ridiculous!'

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