Hannity Special: The hunt for El Chapo

Alasdair appears on Fox News to discuss El Chapo's mysterious wife

HANNITY: What is your reaction to -- Alasdair, are we going to find this guy? Do you think he's built an infrastructure even here in the United States where he's paying so many people off? ALASDAIR BAVERSTOCK, DAILY MAIL REPORTER: I think in terms of finding him, the trail went cold at the end of the tunnel a mile south of the maximum security penitentiary he escaped from. So for the moment the Mexican authorities have named his wife as the highest priority surveillance targets. But they haven't indicated whether they have any idea where she is.

As Yan mentioned here, she gave birth in 2011 to two twin daughters. And since that time, she's kept an exceptionally low profile. But it's important to remember that she was the person who was found with him in February of last year with El Chapo when he was arrested. So the authorities will be hoping to keep a close eye on her and hope she leads them to him.