The Venezuelan model who wore a corset for seven years


A Venezuelan model who has put her body through hell in search of perfection has said all women should follow in her footsteps if they want to be 'truly beautiful'. Aleira Avendaño not only wore a corset for seven years to achieve her ideal 20-inch waist, but also underwent more than 20 rounds of surgery, including four separate breast enlargements, two nose jobs and a gastric bypass.

The 26-year-old now boasts enormous breasts, and a massive bottom, but has admitted to MailOnline she would go under the knife again - and says other women should too.

'I'm not worried about going under the knife,' she said.  ‘I will have whatever kind of surgery that makes me feel better about my body.

‘Every woman should have plastic surgery if they want to be truly beautiful.'

Aleira is now pursuing her dream of making herself - and her body - world famous.

Her main Instagram account - she has several to keep up with the constant flow of selfies - has almost half a million followers.


On it, she shares daily pictures, mainly focusing on her cartoon-like breasts.

‘My followers are very important to me,' says Aleira, who says that her boyfriend never gets jealous of the constant attention she receives from her online admirers.

‘Social media is the best way to get ahead for a model today and I love to post pictures of my amazing body online.

‘I want to get as many followers as possible. The world needs to see my body.'

However, it also means she is open to abuse.

‘How disgustingggg!’ posted one commenter on a video of Aleira’s monster assets.

But whatever her critics say, the surgery has got Aleira the attention she craves.


She has already appeared in Mexican Playboy, and travels as far afield as Japan showing off her carefully crafted body.

In order to create her look, Aleira underwent the first of her breast enlargements aged 19, followed by the nose jobs and gastric bypass, as well as three rounds of ‘biopolymer’ buttock implants, a forehead-lift to achieve her arched eyebrows, neck elongation, liposuction, and even had her real teeth removed and had dentures put in her mouth to give her the perfect smile.

‘It’s all in the name of beauty,' she says. ‘I want to be known as the sexiest woman on earth’.

‘The first nose job was by far the most painful,' she told MailOnline, shuddering audibly at the memory. ‘I couldn’t post photos on Instagram for a month my face was to black and blue.'

However, by Venezuelan standards, Aleira was relatively late in having of plastic surgery.

In the South American country, which prides itself on having the planet's most beautiful women, having won the Miss World pageant more than any other country, it is common to be given a boob job as a 15th birthday present.


It’s estimated that two-thirds of Venezuelan women between the ages of 18 and 35 have had breast-enlargement surgery, while a further twenty per cent have undergone buttock injections.

Aleira, who comes from a small Andean town on the border with Colombia, agrees her fellow countrywomen are the most beautiful on earth - but puts it down to their determination to seek perfection.

‘Only the strongest and most beautiful women are willing to go under the knife in the name of perfection,' she says.

But Aleira's most famous asset is her 20-inch waist, which she achieved by wearing a Victorian corset for 23 hours a day for seven years.

‘I hated it at first, but I love the way it made me look and, after six month of using it, I felt naked without it.'

The effects of the corset have left their scars on Aleira’s body, however. The model’s ribs have been crushed inwards by the force of the Victorian instrument, with the scarring obvious in the more graphic of her social media posts.


The damage comes as no surprise for Mexico City GP Lilia Hernandez.

‘A tight corset can have a disastrous effect on the internal organs,' she told MailOnline. ‘It restricts the lungs and respiration, it causes indigestion in the stomach as it reduces its capacity to churn, it can cause gallstones and, in extreme cases, it can even displace the liver.'

But warnings like this have not served to deter Aleira.

‘The hourglass body is the image of the perfect woman,' she says. ‘I’ve come as close as I can to perfection, but I’m still trying.’