Mexican wrestler who 'pole-axed' Lewis Hamilton reveals world of Lucha Libre


The Mexican wrestler who 'pole-axed' Lewis Hamilton has given MailOnline an insight into the spectacular world of masked wrestling where losers are escorted to the gates of hell and fighters risk their lives in gravity defying fights. The legendary 'luchador', Mistico, who was flying body slammed by Formula 1 champion Hamilton in Mexico City, said: 'Hamilton's job is very similar to mine.

'He risks his life every time he goes around a corner at 300km an hour, and I risk my life every time I back flip from the ropes onto another fighter's head.'

After squaring up to Hamilton last week, Mistico's next appearance was at the Day of the Dead spectacular at the Arena Mexico stadium, where he and two companions defeated their skull-headed opposition with flying kicks, low blows and dangerous piledrivers.

Also featured at the spectacular event were dancing girls, dwarves in ceremonial headdress and an obese wrestler who defeats his opponents by sitting on them.

For Hamilton, who claimed his third world championship for Mercedes last week, taking on legendary luchadores Mephisto and Mistico was the realisation of another lifelong dream.

'Lewis apparently has a passion for Mexican wrestling, and couldn't wait to get body slamming with our fighters,' said Sandra Granada, a spokeswoman for the Mexican Lucha Libre circuit, 'The event had been organised for over a year.'

But after his Lucha Libre debut in Mexico, another veteran fighter told MailOnline that Lewis Hamilton doesn't have what it takes to make it as a wrestler.

'He's far to skinny,' said Black Death, a 55-year-old wrestler who saw the 2015 Formula 1 champion's bout in Mexico City on Wednesday. 'I'd never accept a slap in the face from such a weakling.'

More than 5,000 people attended the Day of the Dead event where Mistico was a crowd favourite from the moment he appeared. A lucha libre institution, he is the second incarnation of the famous white-and-gold mask which was first worn by his predecessor, Mystico.

Mystico, who retired some years ago, was one of the greats of the lucha libre and was never de-masked, a ritual at the end of a fighter's career when their fighter's face-covering uniform is ripped from their head when they are finally defeated.

'It's a great honour to continue to legend of Mistico,' said the fighter, who was beaten within a minute by Lewis Hamilton earlier in the week. 'I put on the mask and the people respond with love, it's wonderful.'

Another popular fighter at the Day of the Dead spectacular was Super Porky, an obese 60-year-old who defeated his opponents by sitting on them.

'He's not he most athletic,' said Alexis Lopez, a supporter of Super Porky at the event, 'But he's definitely the most entertaining.'

'We don't choose who the most popular fighters are,' said Sandra, 'The public cheer for whoever they want and we respond to that.

'Super Porky can't throw himself off the turnbuckles, generally he defeats opponents by bumping them with his belly or lying on top of them,' she said. 'But he's a crowd favourite and they cheer louder for him than anyone else.'

A lucha libre fighter was killed in the ring earlier this year. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo (Son of a Dog) died in March after suffering what was thought to be severe whiplash in a Tijuana show.

Lucha libre fighters, who usually appear in teams of three are classified as either tecnicos (good guys) - like Mistico - or rudos (bad guys).

Another fighter who faced off against Hamilton on Wednesday, the rudo Mephisto, appeared in a Batman costume to defeat his opponents.

Both fighters have appeared in the WWE in the United States and say that international wrestling is the greatest spectator sport.

'It mixes strength with acrobatics and a will to play for the crowd,' Mistico told MailOnline following his bout. 'There's nothing like it to get the adrenaline pumping.'

'Hamilton is a very exciting racer, he's one of my heroes in the world of sport,' said Mistico.

'To be a fighter you need to enjoy being slapped in the face for the excitement of a crowd,' said Black Death. 'You need to love the performance of losing as well as winning. I don't think Lewis Hamilton would be very good at that.'

Hamilton came second to his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg in the final race of the 2015 Formula 1 season in Mexico City on Sunday.

Despite his failure to win the Mexico Grand Prix, the British driver had already secured the Formula 1 title the week before following his win in Texas.

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